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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The System Didn't Kill Your Son

Ety Shokrabie cried out yesterday that the system killed her son. Sepehr "Danny" Rabti was shot and killed by two gunmen at the car dealership where he worked. One of those accused was previously granted bail on a gun offense (arrested at Yorkdale Mall for carrying a cocked and loaded .45-calibre semi-automatic handgun). While, as a mother, I feel her pain - I can not agree with her accusations towards the judicial system. Any person that, whether in the heat of passion or in cold blood, kills another human being is solely responsible for that act. Not the murderers parents, school officials, friends, neighbours, society or the judicial system. While all of the previously mentioned can be factored in to the mental state of the murderer, they can not and should not be held as accountable.

In the end we all have choices to make. We choose to live negatively or positively. We choose good or evil. We choose. We choose. We choose. Everyday people rise up out of the negativity that surrounded them in youth. They make choices to better themselves and to better the world arround them. They do wonderful things, in spite of where they were first rooted and raised. They are strong enough because they choose to be strong enough.

We have come to a place now that no one can take ownership for their own actions.
And each time a victim makes claims like the above mentioned, well they give the criminals another excuse. Another excuse for their own actions. There are far too many excuses already, NOT reasons mind you. Jodie Wheatle and Marcel Blackburn are accused of killing Danny. They are, right now, facing the judicial system for their actions. They will answer for what they have done, of that I am confident.

Don't get me wrong, something needs to change. I personally am all for Gun Laws being tightened and even first time offenders being denied bail if found with a gun. But as things stand now, judges and justices of the peace must follow the rules laid out before them. They enforce the law, they do not write it. So instead of throwing accusations about like tissue, why not work for change? Go to your MPs and Judicial representatives. Form lobby groups. Join lobby groups. Form/sign petitions. Make your voice be heard. That is productive and helpful, instead of accusatory and inflammitory.

The pessismest in me wonders if someone is laying groundwork to sue the system. Trying to cash in........


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