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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Unions have too much power....where's Margaret when you need her??

It seems these days that Joe Public is constantly being held hostage by one union or another. If it's not the's the garbage workers...if it's not them it's the postal workers...if it's not them, it's public school teachers... and if it's not right's the College Profs.

Why do these people think that their lives and jobs are more important then the rest of us? Why do they believe that we will support their "causes" when they are screwing us constantly, one way or another.

It is my opinion that they have outlived their usefulness(in Canada) and are now nothing more then money making ventures. They are no long the defenders of the working man's rights. They are now the champions of the ridicules demands. In recent memory there was one union, that as one of their demands, wanted the employer to pay for their underwear and socks. What in hell is that?

I think a few of the union workers don't even know how poorly thought of they are. Afterall when we are put in to the position that we have to cross or come in contact with a picket line, we are told to be gracious and listen to their rhetoric. So as good obedient saps, we do that. When inside we want to yell "HEY Moron this is my life you're fucking with too!!"

Yesterday a union worker thought it would be okay to get on to the hood of someone's car, to accentuate his 'cause'. The man driving the car wasn't even a student of the college. He was just trying to drop his child off at daycare. Which one can assume, means he had a job to get to afterwards. This union worker was hurt and is now in hospital. Now this may sound cold and unfeeling, but good on him. I mean really, what gives a person the right to jeopardize someone elses livelihood and personal property? Not to mention the fear that the poor child may have felt having all these people surrounding the car she is in and arguing with her daddy.
Shame on you strikers. Shame on greedy unions.


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