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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Olympians flee from flag-bearing duty

I am completely and utterly disgusted. Several Canadian Olympic athelets have requested that they NOT be nominated to carry the Canadian flag in the up coming games.

They're, for the most part, saying that it is due to the need to prepare for their events. Yet some of these atheletes do not have events for atleast a day or two after. And the events that are coming are events that they have prepared years for. If they are not prepared when stepping on to the planes that take them there, well they just shouldn't be going.

The country that sent you to those games is not worthy of a little pride and respect? I take great offense to their cavalier attitudes and lack of loyalty to the flag that represents the Country that is their home. For shame!!

You know, loyalty and patriotism are the two things that I have always respected about Americans. Perhaps our atheletes need to examine the US and it's ways, maybe then they will learn to appreciate Canada a little bit more.


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