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Monday, October 17, 2005

I've been neglecting you

I'm sorry for that. You see too much has been happening in the world the last few months and I've found myself not wanting to discuss any of it.

I feel so heavy whenever some new disaster hits, whether it is man made or nature made.
There's Katrina, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the ongoing fighting/suicide bombings in Isreal and else where. Not to mention North America's own home grown criminal element.

It's funny that the USA feels that they have the right to go in to another country and impose what they think is the right way to live, yet their own back yard is teeming with angry, violent, agression. And the umseemly acts the commit on eachother? How can they claim to know what is the "right" way to live? To run a country? To fashion society? Children are being (statutory) raped and then married off to their rapist at 14 years of age, women kill their newborns and toddlers at will, men kill doctors for performing abortions, teachers are taking sexual advantage of their students, domestice violence and divorce are rampant.

Oh no no no.... do not get me wrong. The US is not the only country with these problems. I know that. Canada has it's own set of issues, as do the UK and other European nations. I do not solely point the finger at the US. I guess what I am driving at is perhaps we need to look in and clean up our own backyards. You need to start at home. Only then can you go out and touch the rest of the world in a positive way.

I think that the problem is, in part, that if you look in to your own backyard you have to see the ugliness that is a part of you. And with ego (which is where all bad things lead back too) the way that it is, people do not want to take ownership of the nasty part that is them. No one wants to admit that as a society they are part of the reason for the failure.

If a teen is bad. Blame the parents. If an adult has failed in life. Blame the parents and the schools. Why should they be the only ones to blame? "It takes a village to raise a child" that is what my ancestors believed. And communitees took this seriously and I venture to say that there was a lot less needly violence back then. Of course I am not living in LaLa Land. I know that mankind has always been violent. But back then it was out of necessity to hunt, to protect yourself, your family, your way of life or your land.

I don't know if I make a lot of sense right now. Forgive me if I don't. I have so many things rolling around in my head that it's hard to put down in a sensical way. I tend to go off in different directions of thought in very short periods of time.


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