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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is one missing child more urgent than another?

Jordan Bruyere is a 14 year old native boy that has been missing since July 22nd, as I noted in my last blog entry. I have been taking this whole Peter Whitmore case to heart and this whole thing has left me wondering. When is one child's disappearance more important or more urgent than another?

Immediately upon the RCMP discovering Jordan was believed to be with convicted pedophile Peter Whitmore, there should have been a stepped up urgency. There should have been media notification and attention. Yet Jordan, even now, is still ONLY considered a missing person. Not kidnapped, not a child in danger/peril. Even now that there are confirmed sitings and that he is in the company of a man who rapes children. A man that the corrections services reported was 100% likely to re-offend upon release. A man that is presently being hunted for kidnapping a 10 year old boy.

While Jordan did not give verbal indications to his mother that he is in danger or being abused, there is something the RCMP should take as an indicator that something isn't right. That 14 year old boy did not know where he was. At 14 years old it is not hard to figure out unless you are being prevented or threatened to not devulge such information. Another indicator should be from an eye witness who stated that Peter Whitmore was passing Jordan off as his son. Neither of these little particulars are positive things and lead me to believe that either throught threat or violence Jordan is not with a child rapist of his own free will.

So when will the RCMP take this boys 'missing' status to the same level of Zachary? When will this native child stop being treated as less important?

Soon I hope. His life is just as important. His innocence is probabley gone now as well.


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