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Monday, July 31, 2006

Peter Whitmore...why the hell is he not in jail?

Peter Whitmore is apparently at it again. For those of you who don't know who Peter Whitmore is, he is a convicted and serial pedophile of the hightest order. In 1993 he was found guilty of abduction and sexual offences against 4 young boys. He spent the next 16 months in jail. A lesson was not learned from this, after all I do not think pedophiles can be taught lessons. Within 9 days of his release from the first round in jail he was again up to his old ways. He abducted an 8 year old in Guelph and fled to Toronto with her. This time his sentence was a little longer, 56 months. Low and behold, shortly (less than a month) after his early conditional release in 2000, he was found in a motel room with a 13 year old boy that he had "befriended". Whitmore was prohibited from being in the company of anyone under the age of 14 unless accompanied by an adult or approved by police, so back to jail he went for another year long stint. In 2002, a judge in Toronto sentenced Whitmore to three years in jail for probation violations. This time arround he had fled to British Columbia, after being found in the company of a five year old boy. That set of violations included the fact he was carrying a “rape kit” in his backpack. Which contained latex gloves, pictures of young children, tubes of jelly lubricant, duct tape, a sleeping bag and plastic zipper ties (effective handcuffs).

Peter moved out west to Morinville Alberta upon release this last time, to hide and avoid the media spotlight. I'm sure his compulsion was also a big part of this move. After all, the parents of southern Ontario had made it very clear that he was not wanted here, and this would make it difficult to get close to their children.

Now I see that Peter is back in the news. For the same old thing. He is suspected of abducting a 10 year old boy, Zachary Miller. Zachary is a beautiful little boy with brown eyes and red hair. A light dusting of freckles runs across his nose and cheeks. He stands approximately four and a half feet tall and weighs seventy pounds. He has been missing from his home in Whitewood Saskatchewan since yesterday afternoon, and was last seen wearing black track pants with a red & white stripe and running shoes.

Zachary may not be the only victim at Whitmore's mercy right now. Police have reason to believe he may have another youth with him. A 14 year old aboriginal youth by the name of Jordan Bruyere. Jordan was last seen on July 22nd at a bus station in Brandon Manitoba. He is described as five foot six, a hundred and fifty pounds, with blue-green eyes (although in the pictures I have seen they look darker) and brown hair. Whitmore may be driving a blue Dodge Caravan with wood panelling on the side and an Alberta license plate CUS 532.

My question is WHY IS HE OUT???? The first time around there were 4 victims, yet he was given a sentence that is less then some get for having a 'joint' on them. Then he went immediately back to his deviate ways. Again, a relatively short sentence considering the circumstances. 56 months for a little girl's innocence? He has continued to violate his releases and violate children. When is the judicial system going to take this in to consideration and sentence him properly? Also keep him for his entire sentence, since he has made it quite clear that he is not going to be rehabilitated and will continue to leave a path of destruction in his wake.

Now I just pray that they find Zachary and Jordan alive and okay.


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