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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Since when does the church have a right to silence an opinion on city politics?

Deborah Boschman of Brandon Manitoba was concerned for her city. So she decided to raise her voice. She wrote a letter to a local newspaper. In it she criticized her local political figures and made suggestions to help the city become more prosperous. Seems simple enough. A woman concerned, voices that concern.

Not really. You see, the pastor of her church (the Bethel Christian Assembly Mike Davis decided that she had stepped out of line. So much so that he wrote her his own letter. In that letter, he boldly stated that he was embarassed when he saw her letter in the paper. He reprimanded her as though she were a petulant child and not a concerned citizen. He even went so far as to suggest that she may want to worship God elsewhere. Pushing away a member of the flock for writing a letter to a newspaper, regarding local politics?? It is completely absurd. Made so by the simple fact that it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Church, Faith or God.

It is people like this that drive potential followers of faith away. Exclusionary, elitist superiority at it's best. It is also people like Mike Davis that have kept me from even trying organized religion. I believe in God and I do not believe for one moment s/he would approve of his flock being turned away for voicing concern and opionion. After all it is my belief that he wants us to come to him in faith and of free will. Not out of fear and the need to assimilate ourselves in to a society of little unemotional robots that smile and nod.


Blogger Jimbob said...

I always say there is more to the story than what the news states. Otherwise, it wouldn't make very good news.

I happen to attend this church. The situation with this lady has been happening for a while. She was approached by church officials a few times about how she conducts herself in service. (One example of an issue that they confronted her about is: She was blowing a horn, the kind you take to a hockey game, in the middle of the song service. It was becoming very distracting and irritating to most people in the congregation. The pastor kindly asked her to not do that anymore, and she made a huge fuss. I clearly recall one service where she was blowing the horn, and a child in front of her was crying because it was so loud, she was oblivious to the fact she was making a young child cry). The pastor is a man of integrety and this woman is making this seem like an isolated issue. Her letter to the editor is not the cause of this request, but it has been her behaviour in general. The pastor of Bethel Christian Assembly will be making a statement on the issue today.

8/23/2006 11:36:00 AM  
Blogger deborahboschman said...

My name is Deborah Boschman and this Jim Bob guy is lying. I've NEVER met this guy and don't even know who he is. Please go to Church Discipline-Deborah Boschman and you can read the REST OF THE STORY or google my name and see what else this church did to me.

So much for freedom of speech!

Did Rosa Parks ask to speak to her Pastor before she refused to go to the back of the bus? I DON'T think so.

This is a story about dysfunction within a church, lies, false witness, idle gossiping women, wolves in the church, power, control, partisan politics, being FRIENDS with a Mayor and others in power; a boys' club thing, Pentecostal men, etc.

These are lies and made up stories right from the pit of hell.

Please go to Church Discipline-Deborah Boschman. This sort of explains SOME of what I have been through.

I should take this Jim Bob guy to court for slandering my name on the internet. This is an offense punishable by law!

9/05/2009 08:14:00 PM  
Blogger deborahboschman said...

This Jimbob could be sued for writing and repeating false, slanderous, erroneous comments on the Internet. These statements are entirely false.

Please google my name Deborah Boschman and go to Church Discipline.

There, you will see SOME of what I have been through with this church.

I am VERY concerned about WHO EXACTLY started and repeated these lies and this false witness.

I am VERY HURT to only know and hear of this FOR THE FIRST TIME on the Internet.

This is shocking, appalling and totally unacceptable to me!

9/06/2009 04:48:00 PM  

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