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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's NOT TD, It's CIBC Visa products

Again I received the dreaded auto dialling call from Voxdata. This time it was during the day, instead of the evening. It rang FIVE (I know because that's how long it takes my answering machine to click in) times and then the dead air took up almost 5 minutes of my answering machine's memory.

I called Voxdata again and this time spoke to a very nice gentlman by the name of Will. He was very apologetic about the calls continuing, especially after my call last night to Chris at Voxdata. He advised that he is scrubbing my telephone number from their files and I will not hear from them again. However he warned that it could take up to 4 weeks before I stop hearing from CIBC, as he has to send in a complaint to them on my behalf. Overall he was a much pleasanter experience than yesterday and left me feeling confident that this will be taken care of.

The vexing part is I am NOT and never have been a CIBC client. So their annoying attempts at getting me to be one has only ensured that I NEVER will be.


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