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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Saskatoon Dad's Saga goes on.....

I haven't written in a while. I tried to. I have started a few stories that are still sitting as drafts. They are no where near completion, because truth be told I had lost my stomache for it. In January the Judge presiding over the Case of "Adam" (the Saskatoon dad who can not be named) decided not only to take away Adam's parental rights, but to also take away his right to even know his child. I was shocked. I was angry. I sat at my computer in disbelief. A parents rights were stripped away without any real and 'just' cause. Yet in this country children who are mentally, physically and emotionally abused by parents are given back on a regular basis, simply because the 'parent' (I use the term loosely, as I do not think that is what those kinds truely are) has taken an anger mangement or parenting course. Recovering drunks and drug addicts are allowed to shout to the roof tops of parental rights and concerns, and in turn will get their children back. But a man, because he was not around during pregnancy and not there at the birth, was not given the chance to even try to be a dad. I can't wrap my head around that. That "Adam" had not fucked up as a parent. He was not allowed to be a parent in the first place. Why? Because the biological mother decided from the get go to NOT allow him to be a dad. She, I am as disgusted with as I am the couple that will not give Adam his rights, but instead attempted to slander and put him in a bad light as a person. Now I am not stupid, I now that Adam is not perfect. Hell, who is? I certainly wasn't when I had my first son...and I still wasn't when I had my second. But I love them both to death and everything I do, is for them.

Okay, now that I have gotten that off my chest...."Adam" will be having another fundraiser to help with the costs of his on going fight for his rights to be a father and dad, to his son. If you're in that area, please drop by:

The Saskatoon Dad's (Fund-raiser)
Steak Night
Come dine with the internationally known father fighting for his child Adam Hendricks the Saskatoon dad that can't be named.

Date: Sunday April 29, 2007
Where: 4 Seasons Restaurant
909 Arcola Ave. E.
Regina, Sask.
Time: 6 pm - 9pm
Tickets: 20.00 per person (beverage included)
Dinner Includes: 8 oz. Rib Eye, Roasted Potatoes, Mushrooms, Caesar Salad, Garlic Toast, Beverage

For more information or to purchase tickets please contact one of the following:
Brenda H 306-924-0934 Lorena G 306-957-2007

On a side thought: I wonder if the adopted couple has thought about Baby's feelings in all this. When he becomes an adult and finds out his adoptive parents refused to allow his father in his they think that he will just be "okay" with that?


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