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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jesus Dolls offered for Toys For Tots...

I know I know, what I am about to write will probabley not be the "popular" or politically correct response, but Oh well. I keep it real and not necessarily nice.

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co. offered a large donation of talking Jesus dolls to the Toys For Tots program. These dolls quote various bible scriptures. While that would seem harmless, I see no place for such dolls in mainstream Children's Charities. It's shoving your religion down children's throats under the guise of giving them toys. I mean really, religion is a personal & more often than not, a family thing. Children that are underpriveleged should not be forced to listen to religious doctorines in exchange for dolls.

I take this subject personally. You see when I was a child there was not a lot of money around. I remember having to listen to the preaching "do gooder" before I got my small Christmas box. And listening to this woman did not bring me to God, it made me resent her instead.

I also remember my little sister's only chance at going to summer camp was to be given a "bursary" for a Christian Camp. A camp that promptly took away her cassette tapes because they were not full of Christian music. A camp that through the whole time she was there continued to publicly point out her "sad situation" and how wonderful they were for helping her out by letting her be in their presence at the camp. And even with these embarassments she went back the next year. You see putting up with them was the price she paid for getting to go to camp.

My point is Charity should be for the good, not to push your own message. When you help someone it should be because you genuinely want to help, not because you want to shove your own beliefs down someone's throat.

Perhaps the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co. should have offered a cash donation if they did not have any non-religious spouting dolls to offer.

I stood by and believed that Toys For Tots were right when they chose not to accept the dolls. Now after an apparent "backlash" from religious groups, Toys For Tots has changed their minds.
I think they were wrong to backtrack. They should have left it as is and let some religious group accept the offered donation.


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