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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Malcolm Watson revisited...

Since my last post about the American citizen (that is as of now serving his probation, for sexually abusing a student, in St.Catherine's) much political blustering has taken place. The immigration minister is looking in to it, McGunty declares we are not the USA's dumping ground and Niagra area politicians are horrified. Yet Mark Watson is still here. Still living amongst us.

Several have stated that they wonder if what Mr. Watson did (have sexual relations with a 15 year old) is even illegal here. While the age of consent is 14 years old here (hopefully to be raised by parliment to 16 very soon) there is a stipulation that persons in the position of authority that take advantage of those under their care, push the consent age to 18. Therefore I see no reason that people are questioning of the legality of his actions. He was a teacher in a position of authority and trust, over a student. A position that he took advantage of. So it is my opinion that he could/would have been charged and convicted here as well.


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