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Monday, October 23, 2006

Living in Canada for 3 years, is equal to 1 year in a US Jail

A teacher in the USA, Malcolm Watson, was caught having a sexual relationship with one of his students, a 15 year old girl. He was charged and found guilty of endangering the welfare of a child and third-degree sexual abuse. While they are minor convictions, you would think he would have done some jail time. Not the case. The judge gave him a choice, 1 year in jail or be exiled to Canada for 3 years. The only time he would be allowed in the US is to report to his probation officer. He must also stay away from the victim until the end of his probation in 2009 and register as a level 1 Sex Offender. It should be stressed here that Malcolm Watson is an American citizen, not Canadian. His wife and family are Canadian however.

The District Attorney says that the 15 year old girl's family is happy with the sentence. I wonder if anyone has asked the parents of 15 year olds in Fort Erie, Ontario if they are happy with the sentence. While the victim's family no longer has to worry about him, now a whole new country, province and town do! An anonymous US law enforcement official was quoted as saying "He's Canada's problem, not ours."

Those involved in the deal including the District Attorney, Defense Lawyer and Judge all seem to think that Canada will willingly accept a sex offender without question. Their attitude is that we will not take action and dropping a sex offender on our lap will be tolerated...not just tolerated but ACCEPTED.

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Monte Solberg has been made aware of this particular case, let's hope the man does his job and boots Mr.Watson out of Canada. I really don't care if this will make him a man without a country. My Canada does not include other country's sex offenders!! You can find all of Mr.Solberg's contact information here if you wish to make your feelings known about this case.


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