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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Butcher of Baghdad Is Dead

After much time and much legal wrangling, the end is at hand for Saddam Hussein . The once much feared and loathed evil icon of our time has fallen far from his self made (with the blood of many) pedestal as a major world figure. Now he meets his maker and answers for his wrongs. I must say that it is with relief I write this. Far too many people have been hurt and murdered by his hand or his will. There are many that could say that this execution is not the right way to do things. That placing him in prison for the rest of his natural born life would have been the more appropriate way. I think not. If he had lived on there would have always been the possibility, no matter how small, that he would be broken out/freed by his supporters. A chance that I do not believe the human race could take.

I am indeed an advocate of the death penalty. Of course the ultimate punishment that man can inflict is not an issue to be taken lightly or handed out like candy on Halloween. There would of course have to be strict guidelines and eligibility requirements for such cases. In my mind Saddam fit this criteria with little effort.

We live in a world where we will put down a dog that has mauled a child. We will hunt down and kill a bear that has attacked a camper. We will gut a shark that has attacked a swimmer. Yet we allow the human monsters to live on. The difference between all those that I mentioned above is simple....humans are the only ones of this lot, that make the concious decision to do evil and inflict pain and harm. The other animals merely revert to what is in their nature. Whether it be out of a feeling of threat, a need for food or meerly to fight (a fighting nature that has been breed in to them by man).

So the human rabid monster is dead and I am relieved. Not happy per say. There is no joy in another human being's death. But there is justice and relief. Justice for the wronged and relief for those that could've have been wronged at a future time and place.


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