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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rick Fredrickson has his day in court

and as of yet, as far as I can tell, there has been no decision by the Honorable Justice Shawn Smith.

During the five day trial, as is usual in such cases, there was accusations on both sides. Although from what I have seen it appeared to be more vapid on the side of the couple that want to keep Rick's son.

The light in an otherwise nasty business of a trial, was the biological grand-mother's testimony. While there were certains aspects of her that were concerning, what she had to say about Rick was important and something that the Honorable Justice should really take to heart. She described Rick as a polite, kind, jovial and respectable person. ''I can't imagine many men in a similar situation who wouldn't have contempt. But he has never said anything untoward about my girl,'' she said.

Now if the biological grand-mother sees the good in Rick, what more can you ask for? Sure there are things in his past that the other side tried to throw at him. With the evident lying nature of both the biological mother (she again stated she did not know Rick was the father, while having repeatedly told family members he was) and her sister (who contradicted herself on numerous occasions during her testimony and conveniently had amnesia about other issues)
I would really take the biological mother's accusations with more than just a grain of salt.

To you Rick, I say this: When this is all over, and your son is where he belongs (I do so hope this comes to pass) do right by him and by us, those that support you and want so badly for you to have your chance to be a real dad. Not just a biological father. Love him and raise a good man.
And be sure that he does know his culture and where he comes from. I, myself, am of the First Nations and I believe you can give him that part of himself, with as much reverence as is deserved.


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